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SB Dunk High Strawberry Cough


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For the initiated, the “Strawberry Cough” pays overt nod to weed culture in both its colorway and its use of imagery. Red tones and various dotting honor the fruit that is its muse, while green suedes at the heel finish the connection with subtle hints of marijuana color.

Translucent soles provide yet another cosmetic treatment, accenting below the embroidered image of a personified, coughing strawberry.

Weight 1.5 kg

Men US10 / UK9 / EU44, Men US10.5 / UK9.5 / EU44.5, Men US11 / UK10 / EU45, Men US12 / UK11 / EU46, Men US13 / UK12 / EU47.5, Men US7 / UK6 / EU40, Men US7.5 / UK6.5 / EU40.5, Men US8 / UK7 / EU41, Men US8.5 / UK7.5 / EU42, Men US9 / UK8 / EU42.5, Men US9.5 / UK8.5 / EU43, Women US5.5 / UK3 / EU36, Women US6 / UK3.5 / EU36.5, Women US6.5 / UK4 / EU37.5, Women US7 / UK4.5 / EU38, Women US7.5 / UK5 / EU38.5, Women US8 / UK5.5 / EU39


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